RAW Salvage Ltd. and The Calgary Drop-in center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

ORGANIZER: Dale Herrington, Raw Salvage

CONTACT: rawsalvage@live.com

DESCRIPTION: RAW Salvage Ltd. and The Calgary Drop-in center will be having a special Real Life (spoken word and poets) reading event September 24th

TIME: noon untill 2pm.

LOCATION: 423 – 4th ave. SE

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2 Responses to RAW Salvage Ltd. and The Calgary Drop-in center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  1. raw salvage says:

    A Poem, By Chelsea, age 11
    Chelsea’s grandfather, John, volunteers at the DI. John’s experiences have rubbed off on his granddaughter

    A Poem, By Chelsea, age 11
    Posted on Sep 9, 2011 at the Calgary Drop-in Center

    On the corner of my street is a cardboard box as soggy as the man inside it

    his hands are cold as the souls of the people who pass by each day with less then a glance or a penny

    His hope hangs by a thread come off his ripped and tattered coat

    Teenagers throw sticks and stones at him that bruise his joy and heart

    The lines under his eyes are as deep as the sea and as dark as the night in which he cries

    As I walk by I look into his eyes which stare into my soul

    In fright I turn my head and run

    Ashamed I am ashamed

    I hang my head till it touches the bottom of the earth as I warm up by the fire

    I eat and eat yet I feel hollow

    Tonight for dinner he has hunger

    He rattles his can for money yet no one gives a cent for they are tuned out of his channel to busy swinging there leather purse

    I have lots of money but my wallet is full of sadness and I pull out my sorrow covered key as I walk into my house

    My bed of cloud feels softer as I think of his sidewalk mattress tonight I shall sleep tonight he will weep

    The man at the bottom of my street

    By Chelsea Hudspeth, age 11

  2. It is great to be a part of a global initiative that has as a base the inclusion of all people.
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    This is a truly auspicious time to be a poet on the planet. The urge for social change, recognition
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