McCarren Park-Brooklyn, New York

ORGANIZER: Pamela Grossman


Since it was raining on and off, we met not in the park as planned but at Lokal Restaurant, 905 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY. (They were amazing hosts and actually very enthusiastic.)

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  1. Pamela Grossman says:

    The event will start at 2:30, in McCarren Park (right near the Bedford L stop). All are welcome to read a poem or perform a song (original or someone else’s) on the theme of “peace” or “change.” Hoping for a beautiful, sunny afternoon…bring a blanket, a poem or song, and, if you’d like, a snack to share. I’ll bring some too, plus bubbles for blowing. Kid-friendly. Earth-friendly. Peace-friendly. Thanks!

    • Pamela Grossman says:

      Hi, poet friends! The rain this afternoon in NYC was dramatic, thick, pounding. The rain tonight is misty and soft. The rain tomorrow will I’m sure have its beauties. However, it will be rain. And so, our “outside in McCarren Park” plan has changed. We will now be meeting at Lokal, a very chill and good-natured restaurant at the corner of Lorimer St. and Nassau Avenue (ie, right across the street from McCarren). I just went over there, and we are totally set! There kitchen closes for an hour at 4, between brunch/lunch and dinner. So, we will be meeting there at 4:30. This way you will not have to order a meal (though ordering coffee, tea, or etc. would be nice to do). I spoke with the manager, Daniel, and they are very into it. The staff may even join us in reading poems. If you’d like my phone #, email me and I’ll be happy to send. Likewise if you’d like to join in at the last minute. We will accommodate; just email me. Peace, love, and umbrellas, Pam

      Lokal Bistro, 905 Lorimer St., Brooklyn, USA

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