Florina-Maniaki Village by the Lake Vegoritida, Greece

ORGANIZER: Rinio Kourdaki


This Saturday, September 24, we invite you to join our seeding with clayballs in Maniaki Vegoritida, Greece

In 1998, the first natural farmer, but also a philosopher and poet, Manasobu Fukuoka from Japan, came to this same corner of Greece to take part in a grant seeding effort in the region.

Today a group of people have the intention to transform the hill of Prophet Elijah overlooking the village into a green forested site using techniques of natural and sustainable farming … The beginning of this endeavour will be on September 24 when we will through about 4 tons of clayballs that have been prepared in the Natural Farming Center in the nearby town of Edessa, under the guidance of Panos Manikis and with the help of volunteers from different corners of the world, from Argentina, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Chile.

Songs from around the world and dances blessed the first act of this project promising a future full of action and vitality and the main ingredient is certainly the intention and communication with the local community.

Translated by Elena Simaionidou


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