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Rock Hill, South Carolina

ORGANIZER: Kim Blum-Hyclak

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Gandhi That’s the focus of 7 local Rock Hill, SC area poets for Saturday’s 100 Thousand Poets for Change event. We’ll be reading at the local Earth Fare on Cherry Rd. in Rock Hill, 10 – 12 noon. Poems will reflect all sorts of change – personal, environmental, political, spiritual . . . Poets will read their own work as well as work by other poets.

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Rhinebeck, New York

ORGANIZER: Pamela Pavliscak
DESCRIPTION: Rhinebeck Poetry Slam
The theme is change!
TIME: 4-8pm

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Bill Averbach and Bam-Jazz-Charlotte, North Carolina

Bill Averbach and Bam-Jazz

Bam-Jazz will be performing in Charlotte NC at the Festival in the Park from 3:40 until 4:55 PM on September 24th in Solidarity with 100 Thousand Poets for Change

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100 TPC -World Poetry Festival – Los Angeles September 24th

700 Events – 550 Cities – 95 Countries!   Poetry is the catalyst, it inspires creative solution, and can only speak truth, it is based in love and compassion for every living thing that has inherited the Breath of Life … Continue reading

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Tijeras, New Mexico

ORGANIZER: New Mexico State Poetry Society

The New Mexico State Poetry Society is sponsoring the Tijeras Poets Picnic in conjunction with 100 Thousand Poets for change, an open-air affair, at the Tijeras Arts Market with music, performance poetry, open mic, and ART, here is the link with more information,

Tijeras Poets Picnic, an open-air affair

sponsored by New Mexico State Poetry Society
in collaboration with 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Music — Performance Poetry — Open Mic and Art

Saturday, September 24th — 10:30 to 4:ish

The Tijeras Open-Air Arts Market and Just Imagine Gallery & Coffee House
European atmosphere, New Mexican history, Gallery and Arts Market Website

Just off the Tijeras/Cedar Crest exit on I-40, 7 minutes east of Tramway
Google Map to Tijeras Poets Picnic. tel. 505.281.9611

10:30: ”Free Verse in Reverse” — Collaborative Acoustic Ensemble

12:00: Poetry Open Mic Sampler — Sign up for a 5 minute spot (much more later)

12:30: “A Fool for Ya” — Four Featured Poets hosted by Stewart Warren

2:00: Poetry Open Mic hosted by Shirley Blackwell — Sign up for a 5 minute spot

Browse the open-air arts market, visit with friends, savor gourmet coffees, bring a chair and some munchies, sign up for the open mic and enjoy four fabulous Albuquerque poets. “Rock the Mic.”

The Tijeras Arts Market at
Just Imagine Gallery

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Good Men Project-Boston (and Worldwide), Massachusetts

Join The Good Men Project and Michael Rothenberg on September 24, 2011 for a global event: 100 Thousand Poets for Change.

Write and Radio and The Good Men Project are joining 100 Thousand Poets for Change for a global event on September 24, 2011. There are 700 scheduled events in 450 cities and 95 countries so far. Join other poets, Good Men, and Good Women around the USA and across the planet, on September 24th, in a demonstration/celebration of poetry and art to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.

The Good Men Project seeks to open up the discussion about what it means to be a man in the 21st century. We think Michael Rothenberg, and the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Movement, are a pretty good example of what that means.

To do our part, we interviewed Michael Rothenberg, who has spearheaded the movement and has been overseeing the organization of the events worldwide. I spoke with Michael on Blog Talk Radio. Listen here!

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Elon, North Carolina

In Elon, NC, keeping with the NC desire to address change by getting poetry out into the community in many small ways, too, Claudine Moreau, who teaches astronomy at Elon University, has to meet with parents on Saturday so she … Continue reading

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10 Thousand Steps Hungarian Bookstore- New York City, New York

ORGANIZER: Timea Zsedely, PhD

CHANGE THE WORLD WITH YOUR WORDS – 100 Thousand Poets for change


Saturday, September 24 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm


10 Thousand Steps Hungarian Bookstore – 545 E. 12th St. New York, NY 10009


600 Events – 450 Cities – 95 Countries

… Join our event at the 10 Thousand Steps Hungarian Bookstore on September 24th at 4 pm, in a demonstration/celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.

4- 5.30 pm Reading Poetry in original and translated language (also Hungarian Poetry) in English (poems by John Crowe Ransom, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Kenneth Rexroth, Elizabeth Rivera de Garcia, Elisa A. Taber, Attila Jozsef, George Faludy, Roland F. Udvari, Paul Sohar, etc – Reading by Elisa A. Taber, Elizabeth Rivera de Garcia, Roland F. Udvari, Patrick Albino, Paul Sohar, Vinny Senguttuvan)

5.30 – 7 pm Reading Poetry in original and translated language in Hungarian (Poems by N. Scott Momaday, Jackie Kay, Kaar Kaas Soon, Ales Steger, Chitra Divakaruni, Krisztina Toth, Balint Dobai, Peter Kantor, Istvan Turbuk, Gabor Gyukics, Attila Jozsef, Dezso Tandori, Paul Sohar, etc – reading by Roland F. Udvari, Eszter Pakozdi, Istvan Turbuk, Pal Sohar)

Admission is free.

We will make a voice record of the reading.
Timea Zsedely
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100 TPC New Bedford

Here in New Bedford, the kind folks at Gallery X have donated space in their Frederick Douglass gallery for a 100 Thousand Poets for Change reading. The event will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, 9/24 from 2-5 PM. … Continue reading

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Dancing Poetry Festival-San Francisco, California

SAN FRANCISCO EVENT: Poem by Mary Rudge, Poet Laureate of the City of Alameda and International Laureate, “It’s all about Balance” dedicated in the written program to 100 Thousand Poets for Change, will be performed by Dancers of the Pharaohs — with swords on their heads signifying transforming weapons to dance art. Part of the Dancing Poetry Festival at the Florence Gould Theater of The California Palace of The Legion of Honor, September 24, noon to 4 PM, the poem will be read outside before entry for the public at 11:30 AM/ Also onstage will be awards given to publications connecting people: World Poetry 2011 anthology with 205 poets from 65 countries at a World Congress of Poets in Greece (ed. Dr.Dimitris P. Kraniotis) to be received on his behalf by the Consul General of Greece in San Francisco; an anthology of Korean American poets (ed by Chung W. Bae); a book of poems about flowers by an Iranian Poet living in Italy (Novin Afrouz); a 2 volume epic documentation of Bay Area Poets (by Jack Foley).The Festival is presented by Artists Embassy International which has made connections around the world for peace and intercultural understanding and appreciation since 1951 through the universal language of the arts.

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The World Stage, Leimert Park, Los Angeles

ORGANIZER: Brittany Humes



Saturday, Sept. 24th   9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Join the The World Stage Anansi Writer’s Workshop poets for  a chalk-in of poems advocating change!   We’ve got the chalk and poems, or bring your own.  Meet outside The World Stage, 4339 Degnan. (North of King Blvd., East of Crenshaw)







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Word & Wine Solidarity 100TPC-Miami, Florida

ORGANIZER: Nikki Rodriguez   CONTACT:   LOCATIONS: The Electric Pickle 2826 North Miami Ave Miami, FL DATE & TIME: Wednesday, September 21 at 9:00pm – September 22 at 3:00am   Share this!Tweet

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Red Bluff, California

ORGANIZER: Trudi Lee Richards

Contact: Trudi Richards FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel. 530-757-7576


Open Mike Poetry Reading at Red Bluff Park of Study & Reflection

As part of the worldwide initiative “100 Thousand Poets for Change” (, the local group Poets for a New Spirituality is hosting an open mike poetry reading at Red Bluff Park of Study and Reflection, on Saturday, Sept. 24, at 7pm. Local poets and members of the public are invited to read poetry or short prose (five minutes max) on the theme the Change – which will include topics of social, environmental, political, spiritual or personal change required for this planet to move toward a Universal Human Nation characterized by peace and sustainability.

The September 24th, marks the largest poetry event in history, with 600 events in 450 cities and 95 countries to date. Poetry demonstrations are being organized in such political hotspots as Madison, Wisconsin and Cairo, Egypt as well as in strife-torn Kabul and Jalalabad.

In the United States over 250 events are planned so far, including protests in North Carolina against cuts in education funding and a demonstration along the Platte River in Nebraska against the planned TransCanada tar sands pipeline.

All events will be documented on the 100 Thousand Poets for Change website, and all documentation will be archived by Stanford University, which has recognized 100 Thousand Poets for Change as an historical event, the largest poetry reading in history.
The Open Mike Poetry Reading for Change will be held at Red Bluff Park, located at 13499 HWY 99E, on the south side of the highway between Salt Creek and Salt Creek Overflow, just east of Hwy. 36 to Mt. Lassen. Use caution when entering and leaving as traffic moves swiftly.

Red Bluff Park of Study and Reflection ( is part of a worldwide network of parks inspired by the teachings of Silo, spiritual Guide of the Andes. Serving as sanctuaries for all who seek meaning in life, the Parks are beacons of the coming Universal Human Nation.

A New Spirituality…the spirituality that has awakened from its deep sleep to nurture the best aspirations of the human being. – Silo’s Message

# # #

For more information, please call Trudi Richards at 530-757-7576 or send an email to

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Muscatine, Iowa

ORGANIZER: Kimberly Dickens



100 thousand poets for change poetry reading and workshop

Saturday, September 24 · 3:00pm – 5:00pm


Created By

More Info
Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion, the Editors of Big Bridge Magazine have planned a poetry event designed to encourage global solidarity through the simultaneous world-wide sharing of poetry that promotes political and social change. Muscatine will be participating in this global event. Saturday, September 24 from 230 pm to 5 pm at Musser Public Library there will be a poetry reading and workshop open to the public. It is an open mike concept, so bring your poetry and come prepared to read aloud and workshop your poetry with other local writers. Keep in mind the event is to encourage positive social and political change. Poetry that celebrates the enduring Human spirit and solidarity are welcome. Feel free to come and just listen and chat as well.

local poets and poetry enthusiasts …
On this day poets around
the world will be gathering
in their community to
promote world solidarity.
Bring and share your poetry
that encourages political and
social change, and/or
celebrates the strength
of the Human Spirit.

Musser Public Library
September 24 from 3pm to 5 pm

* potluck of finger foods!



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Joshua Tree, California

ORGANIZER: Steve Brown


DESCRIPTION: Desert Writers Celebration in solidarity with 100TPC. Event scheduled for Saturday, September 24, from 6 to 9 p.m. The Sun Runner Magazine’s Desert Writers Celebration and Drawn from the Desert Arts Benefit will be held at Tamma’s Magic Mercantile, 55727 29 Palms Highway, (Old Town) Yucca Valley, California.  Information: (760)820-1222, or

Steve Brown
The Sun Runner
The Magazine of the Real California Desert
PO Box 2171, Joshua Tree, CA 92252 USA
(760)820-1222, Skype: (760)820-5254, Fax: (760)472-0670
Digital Editions:

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Bellows Falls, Vermont

ORGANIZER: Dorothy Read


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Border Voices Project-San Diego, California

ORGANIZER: Jack Webb, Director, Border Voices Poetry Project

CONTACT: Jack Webb 619-847-8714 //



Poets .. Visionaries .. Musicians .. Photographers

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 5 – 7 p.m.

Cafe Libertalia

3834 Fifth Avenue

San Diego, CA 92103

Co-hosts: Claudia Poquoc & Seretta Martin

I have a confession to make. Confessions can be fun, especially if they’re full of color & pizzazz, & I can promise you mine is …

I’ve received a lot of publicity as the retired Union-Tribune editor who founded the Border Voices project, which sends poets into hundreds of classrooms throughout San Diego. Others know me primarily for my weekly TV show, where I interview Nobel laureates & others about how they write poetry. Or they’ve read some of the 23 books I’ve published.

But none of that is what I really am, & THAT is the confession. What I REALLY am is a rabble-rouser.

For example, I was one of the original, leading organizers of the Vietnam War protests in San Francisco & Berkeley, protests that spread across the nation & toppled a president.

Because of the terrible things I saw at that time, my rabble-rousing has been more cerebral ever since.

Today, we’re in the middle of a new explosion of rebellion, of demands for change, & we need to be a part of it. Civilization is beginning to sing a new song, & it is our song.

But I return to my underlying theme: I saw terrible things occurring around me back in the 1960s, & in other crusades I have been involved in since. People turned on each other, & on their fellow citizens, with contempt & violence.

We cannot let people of hate co-opt the latest movement for creative change.

That is one reason I have promoted poetry in the schools since 1993. By teaching our kids to think for ourselves, we build hope for the future. And poetry is the best way to do that. As the greatest historian of the last 400 years said, poetry & civilization are pretty much the same thing. It was in the songs they sang around their campfires that our ancestors — 100,000 years ago — discovered the dream of civilization.

Today, in this coffee shop, we will listen to poets, with new dreams & new songs, offering competing & exciting visions of the future.

Thank you for joining us.

Jack Webb


Veronica Spinharney of Occupy San Diego

Sandra Alcosser, award- winning poet of Except by Nature and A Fish to Feed All Hunger, directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing at SDSU each fall and collaborates with scientists through Poets House New York. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, New York Times, Paris Review and Poetry.

Shadab Zeest Hasmi, author of Baker of Tarifa, San Diego Book Award winner 2010, editor of Magee Park Poets anthology, and a teacher in California Poets in the Schools. Originally from Pakistan, Shadab now lives in San Diego and her poems appear in Poetry International Journal and other world-wide publications.

Jack Webb, publisher of 23 books, founder-director of the Border Voices Poetry Project and TV host, whose poems deal with the change that grows in solitude … the geometry of wisdom, and the songs our ancestors sang around campfires, in which they discovered the dream of civilization. They are singing again …

And many more!!!!

100,000 Poets for Change: A Homage

San Diego offers a three-week continuation / permutation / adulatory spinoff on the World Poetry Festival

San Diego’s Border Voices Poetry Project plans a dramatically different twist on the grand poetry celebration involving cities from the United States to Tibet.

San Diego’s creativity is inspired by logistical problems similar to those that have delayed Sept. 24 festivities in cities such as Tel Aviv (which cited conflicts with the Sabbath) to Granada, Spain (problems securing a suitable venue).

Our own bardic solution begins with a citywide call for every San Diego resident to put a poem in his or her pocket on the morning of Sept. 24, and then share it with others every day through Saturday, Oct. 15.

On Oct. 15, we will hold a poetry reading featuring some of the area’s top poets. The exact lineup will be announced the week before the reading.

NOTE BENE: The list of those participating in Border Voices festivals since 1993 reads like an artistic “Who’s Who.” That list includes Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz; U.S. poet laureates Kay Ryan, Robert Pinsky, Robert Haas and Billy Collins; filmmaker Michael Moore; Maya Angelou; and dozens of other celebrated artists from around the world.

THE THEME: Border Voices is built on the healing perception that it is through song – through poetry – that our children realize themselves, endure, and thrive.

Top educators have praised Border Voices, noting that test scores soared after intensive poetry workshops in San Diego classrooms.

Border Voices director Jack Webb recently wrote a friend about the benefits of such introspective and poetic writing (Webb has published 22 books):

“I’ve been doing an enormous amount of writing recently, and found it nourishing. An apparent paradox: introspection is both enriching, and a way of avoiding the modern ailment that Dostoevsky identified … turning our Selves into god. A wonderful, unexpected gift.”

It is a gift that Border Voices has been delighted to share with children … and would be delighted to share with all in need, including those-who-shall-not be-named (who take such pleasure in telling others what to do, rather than teaching them how to see reality for themselves).

VISIT for links to Border Voices TV shows featuring world-celebrated artists, as well as some delicious poems by San Diego students.



san diego 1-22-12 revised.pdf

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Metanoia-Baltimore, Maryland

This gallery contains 6 photos.

ORGANIZER: Gail Langstroth CONTACT: On September 24th, 2011 Poets, Writers, Musicians & Dancers MET in Baltimore, Maryland: to Celebrate the Transformative Power of The WORD to Recognize the Possibility for METANOIA* to awaken to how we Think, Speak, Communicate, Write–how we … Continue reading

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Manchester, Vermont

ORGANIZER: Consie West CONTACT: DETAILS. This event will take place on Saturday September 24 at 4:30 pm in the Butterfly Garden by the parking lot behind the Northshire Bookstore at 4869 Main Street, Manchester Center Vermont 05255.  We are … Continue reading

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Marlboro, Vermont

ORGANIZER: Jack Rossiter-Munley

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Ames, Iowa

Third Stanza, a group of Ames area poets, is sponsoring a poetry reading at Cafe Diem (323 Main St.) in conjunction with 11 Days of Global Unity, on Monday, September 19 starting at 6:00pm with the music of poet/musician Lee Enslow. At 6:30, several Third Stanza readers will be featured, followed by an open mic for poetry. For other Central Iowa 11 Days events ( Third Stanza is proud to be a part of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change event. Poets from within and without the area are encouraged to come and share their work during the open mic segment.



11 Days of Global Unity

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San Francisco Public Library, Excelsior Branch(WPM)

Angelina Llongueras: Excelsior branch of the San Francisco Public Library -4400 Mission Str, San Francisco- (United States) A Workshop on creating a Poetical Dialogue about our concerns for the Planet . ON September 24th At 10 am Excelsior Branch of … Continue reading

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Arvada, Colorado

ORGANIZER: Piper Mullins

On September 24th from 1-3pm at the D-note in Arvada there will be a reading featuring a number of Denver poets from 1-3pm. In our “Be the change…” reading, these poets will be voicing their ideas about the direction their words are trying to create in our community and the world.

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Bethesda, Maryland

ORGANIZER: Tabatha Yeatts

Poetry Postcards for Kids

A five-person poetry critique group in the Washington, DC area (some of us are from VA and some of us are from
MD) and we are going to be participating in the 100,000 Poets for Change event by making poetry postcards for children and their
families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore.

The location of the event is Bethesda, MD (at the Bethesda Writer’s Center), although the fruits of our work will end up in Baltimore.

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Chant/Respicit Terram- Miami, Florida

ORGANIZER: Dr JoAnna Falco

Dr JoAnna Falco-Leshin, colleagues, and students will upload a website entitled, Chant/Respicit Terram for 100 Thousand Poets for Change

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