Till The Equinox Passes Us

Till The Equinox Passes Us

Written by Runcil Rebello and Recited by Shubhra Rishi

We climbed the trail,
followed like ants marching to the beat.
at the beginning
walking over broken glass,
we tended each other’s feet.

You made for great conversation.
Inserting lyrics into whatever we spoke
was your greatest talent.
Singing Doors when high was our passion.

We waited for the sunset to come,
for the moon to flood us with its serenity.
Its tranquil light on the waves felt reassuring in a world made of rusted strings.
We talked, we cried, we fell silent, we sang, we laughed,
We looked around, we stole glances, we poked, we danced. We were high

on each other.

There was no better time than this,
everyone knew.
I’d rather, than with them, be with you.
Halt time, or live forever? We didn’t know.
But we chose what was best.

Dawn on the horizon
the free bird coos.
It’s my spirit which continues to live.
It’s your spirit which continues to grow.

The equinox ends.
Winter’s here.



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