Poems –Mohan Sanjeevan

Who am I?

I am atom built

Cell stacked identity

A live being

As all my systems are go!


The digestive system

Intestinal system

Circulatory system

Nervous system

Immune system

Respiratory system

Glandular system

Urinary system

Structural system

All in green!


A living lab for chemical reactions

of metabolism

A carrier for electrical signals

Through nerves


As I hear,

As I see,

As I breathe

As I taste

As I feel

Brain registers

Keeping  the foot prints

For retrieval  later


My memories are the

Reminder to who I am

My mind’s identity

Let the memories run

With all systems go

All signals flowing

Keeping  me alive and kicking!

Till I run out of steam!



Money Money Money

 Money  is  our M                                                                    

Our hero/heroine/God here

It  goes opening the doors

Getting  anything

And everything


Before long

All enter money’s kitty!

Man being it’s

Most prized possession

It is he who makes the

Money a prized possession!


Love? Yea!

It tilts ‘Haves’ balance

Over have nots  in the race for love.

Yet true love is

Unchained to M

Many yearn

Still many worship

This craze called currency


It reigns supreme

As world’s leading deity

God comes second only to

In fan following.


But lo! M is not a peace merchant

Peace remains unbuyable.

Death seals the transactions

Once and for all.


Love, peace and death

Do not fall into the M chain

Exposing the limitation to buy

Still our M trundles on gamely

Latching onto other buyables.


Music makes me happy!

Music makes me happy-

Vocal chords reverberate

Instruments join in

A song is on the way!

Air gleefully takes in the pulses

Pushing the layers

Compressing and decompressing……

Music journeys …….

The air turns sweeter

Delicious air raids begin on the ears

The ears savor the sweet oscillations and drink in

Pump! Pump !Pump!

Thump!Thump! Thump!

Dizzik! Dizzik! Dizzik!

Voila! Voila! Voila!

Reverberating, Ecastatic and pulsating!

Head nods,

Foot taps,

Body sways

Thumpup! Thumpup! Thumpup!

Dances begin

Tenser moments turn lighter

Worries fade away making way for the clap and dance

Time takes off and flies!

Music, music, music!

Applaud, applaud and applaud

Dance, dance and dance

Relish, relish and relish

Yea! Music makes me happy!

It goes round, round and round

Filling me with joy, ecstasy and bliss

It transcends nations, languages

With just it’s rhythm counting.

Music makes you, me and all happy!

Thank you Music!

A smoothest silky creation on Earth

I love u for making all of us happy!

Snub out cigars, snub out evils

Kindle the cold flames of music forever!

Hail Music! Taste music !Love music!

Wishing it a never ending journey!



Mohan Sanjeevan

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