Woebegone Woman by Vinay Kumaar

She took to her heels and ran into the streets
When her beloved mate was nowhere to be found.
He had ditched her there.
It was truly a nightmare
When the one she loved had betrayed her.

He had said love to her,
He had made love to her.
They were happy for a brief span of time.
She didn’t expect this,
She couldn’t accept this.
She went in search of a place to hide.

Into a mighty huge palace that dwarfed her frame
She took refuge for the time being.
Like a thief-on-mission on a pitch dark night
She sneaked into the palace without anyone’s knowledge.

Her woes multiplied when she had pangs in her womb.
She went nearly mad when she gave birth to quadruplets.
Deprived of food, she was much malnourished,
She didn’t have a clue about how to raise her kids.

The granary of the palace was overflowing with food,
She proved her mettle by stealing some for her kids.
The babies made noise when they were strong enough,
The prince of the palace heard it and was greatly shocked.
He found four infants near a heap of food.
Infants so young that they hadn’t opened their eyes;
Infants so cute that no one would want to hurt them.

The mom wasn’t there, she was hiding due to fright.
The babies were taken and thrown away that night.
A trap was laid to catch the mom,
A trap with tomato and a chunk of cheese.

The mom was caught and let into the streets.
She once again took to her four heels
Followed by her long, pink tail.

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