San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

ORGANIZER: Judyth Hill


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  1. Muy buena idea, very good idea, I’m living at Salvatierra, at the south of Guanajuato State, here on November 3,4,5 will meet a lot of poets, tale writters, artists to share their works with the people of Salvatierra.

  2. Judyth Hill says:

    Hola Dearest San Miguel Poets & Lovers of Poetry!

    You are Invited! Let’s Join the Party! 100,000 Poets for Change!
    September 24, 2011~100000 Poets are Gathering all over the World!
    We of San Miguel can Be Our Usual UN-usual Bouquet of Beauty:
    Be a Voice for What You Love! ~ Speak for the Change You Want to See!!
    My hope is for our Presence at this Huge Poetry Party …to be sweet, simple, creative…and FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!
    Make a Basket of Your Favorite Poems for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, ElderCare, Organic Food…WHAT Matters to YOU! (Yours & Your Friends Included!)
    & place them at stores and restaurants you love (& frequent) for folks to take…
    Memorize a Poem & have it For Life! ~ Stage a Pop-By poetry reading! Go SomeWhere…& Read a Poem that Sings in the Good!!
    Meet Your Friends at A Restaurant: Invite Everyone to Bring & Read a Poem (…or 2!)
    Host a Poetry Dinner…or Brunch…or Picnic: Have Every Guest Bring a Poem of the Change they would like to be a voice for (or 2!) to Read! …
    Read a Poem to your Sweetie at the Jardin! ~ Leave poems on beautiful paper in Secret places for Someone to Find!
    Lead a Silent Meditation! A Dreams of Change Experience! ~ Dance! ~ Sing!
    Smuggle Poems into Your Beloved’s Shoes! `~ Carry Poems that Call in the Good in Your Pockets! True Wealth! Give them away all Day!
    I Invite us Most Especially…to Honor the Exquisite Poetry of Mexico!
    In Honor of A Global Day of World Poetry, I Invite us to Discover & Adopt a Master Poet of Beloved Mexico & Fall in Love:
    Read their poems aloud on this day! Turn Poetfriends on to their gorgeous work!
    Octavio Paz ~ Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz ~ Ramón López Velarde ~ Rafael Guillen~ Manuel Gutierrez Najera
    Andres Gonzalez~ Amado Nervo ~ Guillermo Prieto ~ Tomas Segovia ~ Javier Sicilia
    Xavier Villaurrutia y Gonzalez ~ Jose Emilio Pacheco ~ Manuel José Othón ~ Alfonso Reyes
    Enrique González Martínez ~ José Juan Tablada ~ Pita Amor ( reportedly a pseudonym of Guadalupe Teresa Amor Schmidtlein)

    And the Magnificence of Spanish & Chilean Masters::
    Garcia Lorca!~ Antonio Machado! ~ Pablo Neruda! ~Juan Ramon Jimenez! ~ Miguel Hernandez!

    Create the Poetic Event that Feels Right for YOU! Email poems?! Phone a poem?!
    Write me & tell me what you are doing OR: Post it on our New Facebook Group page: San Miguel Poets for Change
    I’ll collect News of all the San Miguel Sweet Instances of Poetry For Change !!!!
    & Add us to the Archives of World Poets For Change!
    If you are Away from San Miguel: Design/Create a Poetic Moment, Write me & I will add YOU to our Event!
    Do Something fun, beautiful, easy ~ Make Poetry part of people’s day…..
    Here’s the Buzz: Honey in the Hive!!!! ~ Popular, Populist…Easy-Peasy…for a Change!
    Write & tell me what You Are Doing! Or post on our FB Group Page!!!!!!
    Post or Send More Ideas For a Day of Constant Poetry!
    So : Here’s My Poetic Day” : & YOU are Invited to Join me- Anywhere/AnyTime/ for AnyThing! !
    I am going to host a “Poetry Write-For-What-you-Love-in” in the Jardin 10 – 11 (in front of the Parroquia),
    Host “Poetry & Lunch: Read Us Poems Inspiring The New”, at Buen Café, Jesus # 36, 11:30 – 1:00
    {{{{{ Please Bring 2-3 Poems to Read & Plan to Buy A Meal!!!!!}}}}},
    Offer a free poetry class: “Writing For the Change You Hope to Bring” at LifePath, Pila Seca #11, 2- 4,
    Make 8 “Take a Poem/ Leave a Poem” Poetry Baskets & leave Them at TBA sites – Let Me know if you can Offer a cool place!!!!
    & Host a “Show Up for Poetry for (a) Change!” event at TBA {{{Can you offer a place???!!!!!!}}}
    & Whatever I think up Next! Oooo..just thought of something….!
    Check out Our FaceBook Group Page: San Miguel Poets For Change!!
    RSVP!!! RSVP!!! Be In my Life!!! I would love to know you!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJudyth Hill

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